Market Research

Get Smart with Promotional Products

Research proves that promotional products are a smart marketing choice.

Customers and prospects who receive promotional products are:

  • 39% more likely to remember you
  • 50% more likely to respond to your direct mailings
  • 14% more likely to provide additional business referrals
  • 18% quicker at re-ordering

If your memory hasn’t failed you by now, think about how you felt when you were given a promotional item. Did it induce a feeling of appreciation towards the giver? Do you still have the item? Have you reciprocated with the business or favour to the giver? Have you shown it to others or told them about the promotional gift? Is it a useful item that serves another purpose? Did you smile at the giver of the corporate gift? Yes the effectiveness of a Promotional Gift is timeless. For the giver, the benefits far outweigh conventional advertising that usually only provokes a feeling of frustration at the end of the month when the invoice comes in.

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